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Adult Class: A minimum of 2 students is required for these classes to happen. Therefore if you are interested contact us to see if we can make a day and time work for two of you or to see if there are students signed up already. All materials are provided for students unless otherwise stated.

Culinary Bootcamp

Intensive 24 week program June 13th, 2023- November 21st 2023 5:30pm-7:30pm

Are you wanting to take your baking and decorating skills to the next level? In these classes, students will be taught a wide range of techniques from beginning to a final three tiered project. Students will be taught a skill once a week, have hands on demo and have a homework project. Some of the skill sets taught are mastering baking, buttercream and piping techniques, royal icing string work, gumpaste flowers, fondant, chocolate, and isomalt. Pre-pay for all 24 classes and SAVE $365.00 off the individual course prices.


The following is week by week the course schedule. If you do not wish to take all 24 weeks, you can also join an individual class for that specific technique. Call for the exact date of the class, just keep in mind that some techniques require prior foundation knowledge for the skill set. The price is also included for those students that wish to pay per class.

  1. Basics of Baking: Batter recipes for cakes, cookies and cupcakes (demonstration class) $35.00
  2. Buttercream: Different icings, fillings, consistencies, torting, leveling, stacking smoothing out an iced cake, presentation boards $50.00
  3. Buttercream transfer images, piping tips and bag usage $50.00
  4. Buttercream borders, writing, side decorations and techniques, and basketweave $55.00
  5. Buttercream simple flowers $50.00
  6. Buttercream advanced flowers $60.00
  7. Royal Icing recipe and decorations on cookies $65.00
  8. Royal Icing appliques and collars $70.00
  9. Royal Icing stringwork $70.00
  10. Royal Icing simple flowers $50.00
  11. Royal Icing advanced flowers $60.00
  12. Fondant recipes, covering a cake, painting on fondant, quilting technique, presentation board imprints, crimping $75.00
  13. Fondant decorations, overlays, inlays, borders, and quilling $50.00
  14. Fondant: creating images, silhouettes, bows, and butterflies $50.00
  15. Fondant: 3D modeling and fantasy flowers $125.00
  16. Gumpaste recipe, flowers part 1 $75.00
  17. Gumpaste flowers part 2 $80.00
  18. Gumpaste advanced flowers, color dust, airbrushing $125.00
  19. Chocolate: recipes, ganache, covering items, creating bonbons, using molds $75.00
  20. Chocolate modeling $55.00
  21. Chocolate 3D cake toppers $125.00
  22. Isomalt, recipe, pulled sugar, blown and using molds $115.00
  23. Gelatin sheets: using them to create great desserts, painting and domes $125.00
  24. Wafer paper creations $80.00

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