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This class is ongoing and does not require any culinary skills. At the beginning of each lesson the skills will be explained with guided instructions. The class will be broken up into different age groups and meets on Fridays.

Youth 7-10 years old

Pre/tween 11-13 years old

Teens 14-18 years old

Students can sign up for all the classes during the month or just pick the ones they are interested in. Registration for each class will close the day before on Thursday at 3:30pm.

School is always in session for homeschoolers. Not sure were to start. Let us help you. Students in this class will be introduced to kitchen sanitation and basic cooking techniques. Healthy cooking options and recipes. They will also learn the basic fundamentals of baking and decorating. These classes are designed for youth 7-18 with good dexterity and ability to focus for an hour or more. Great for homeschoolers as we touch on other school subjects such as math, science, and history. This ongoing class meets once a week for two hours. Drop your student off and let them socialize while learning!

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